Naturally Magical Experiences

Naturally Magical Experiences

Back to the roots

When people think of magic, they think of sorcery, witches, long capes and magic tricks. Tirolean magic, however, expresses itself in an entirely different way. Here, the magical journey of discovery leads to the primal power of nature and one’s own natural energy source.

By night, fog and snow

Full moon nights have a very special charm. The silvery light of the moon swathes the night landscape in an extraordinary glow. On a snowshoe hike, the white snow reflects the lunar rays, or on a full moon canoe tour, it is reflected in the smooth surface of the river and shows your team the way.
You could even spend the night together in an igloo to round off your winter team experience.
Hiking through Tirol’s tranquil winter landscapes provides a welcome change from everyday stress and the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes. You will need to be extremely considerate of nature and its inhabitants, however, so as not to disturb their winter slumber. Nevertheless, many unique natural phenomena can be observed in winter.

The magic of nature

It is the little things in life that can bring you the greatest joy and the most extraordinary adventures.
The glacier caves created by nature in the Stubai Valley and Tux Glacier are a truly magical sight and provide a fascinating insight into the world of eternal ice. With guided scientific tours and stand up paddling, or even ice diving when adventurous team members can leap into the icy water with a head float, circulation levels as well as expert knowledge will be given a refreshing boost. Ice and Kneipp baths are known to have a positive effect on health. But cold mountain lakes and several crystal-clear streams in Tirolean nature can also be used for this purpose. Chats while walking with your team in the midst of nature boost creativity and inspire special innovations and projects. The breathtaking mountain and animal world will fill you with enthusiasm.

There is strength in serenity

It was scientifically proven long ago that spending time in nature, and especially in the forest, promotes relaxation. Sunshine-induced vitamin D, pure forest air and gentle exercise have been demonstrated to have a therapeutic and above all contemplative effect on us humans. Peaceful tranquillity, the primal sounds of nature and mindful and conscious perception of the surroundings, so-called “forest bathing”, are beneficial for body and mind. After work is done at workshops, seminars or conferences, a “bathing excursion” in the forest can recharge batteries in an original way, while clearing heads for further collaboration. Particular attention must be placed on one’s connection with nature.

A night excursion with camping, a campfire, pitching a tent or spending the night in a mountain hut without any technical influences, brings teams closer together in a natural way and provides both a break from everyday work with a welcome digital detox.

If you want to go one step further, you can remove your shoes for a particularly soothing experience for the senses, especially the soles of your feet, while you appreciate forests, meadows and nature in a completely new and exciting way on a barefoot hiking trail.

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