Natural Animal Experiences

Natural Animal Experiences

In the company of the Best Friends of the human

Animals are known to bring the greatest joy to man. So why not invite them to join your teambuilding or company event?

Fluffy company

On unusual trekking tours accompanied by llamas, you will not only learn about the animals and their versatile use in therapies, but also more about Tirolean nature and the mountains. If you are lucky enough to be in the company of a friendly llama, it will even carry your rucksack. The perfect companion for meetings in the countryside and team-building sessions that help you reconnect all over again. Joe from will plan your hike with you.

A little more adrenaline is required at a sled dog workshop, where you learn the language of the mushers (sled drivers) and how to handle the animals.
The ideal and somewhat different way to begin management training.

A pleasant brainstorming session in both winter and summer is of course also possible in the company of animals on an entertaining sleigh ride.

Natural Animal Experiences

In the presence of wild animals

The early bird catches the stag.
The autumn stag rut is a very special spectacle. While other animals are preparing for winter at this time of year, autumn is a time for lovemaking amongst the deer community. To witness this and hear their loud guttural roars, it is necessary to set out into nature before dawn. Your efforts, however, are rewarded with an experience that will be seared in the memories of all those who take part.

If you are not an early riser but would also like to delve into the world of local animals, you can visit the “kings of the air”.

The Bird of Prey Arena is home to more than 50 European birds of prey, as well as a sanctuary for injured and sick birds of prey. The impressive residents of the skies can be observed more closely during daily flight demonstrations and feedings. A tour of the Birds of Prey Park is also an entertaining way to discover much interesting information.

Experience the natural wilderness on a Nature Watch mountain tour equipped with Swarovski Optik binoculars. Marmot-watching and and seeing alpine ibex scramble over rock faces is, however, more suited to athletic participants as an element of surefootedness is required. However, more relaxing experiences can also be found in Tirol.

Alpine fauna can also be explored in a more leisurely manner and without having to scale any mountains in the Alpine Zoo, which is a valuable contributor to the preservation of indigenous species. It is also largely accessible for the disabled.
The Alpine Zoo is easily accessible from Innsbruck city centre in only 10 minutes, by taking the Hungerburgbahn funicular railway.

Natural Animal Experiences
Natürlich tierische Erlebnisse

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