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Conventionland Tirol

Land of mountains and unconventional stories!

“He who is afraid to shake the dice will never roll a six”.

The conference country Tirol has much more than six different sides. And however the dice falls, it always tells new and exciting stories.
Share your experiences with us, be inspired by our experiences, or laugh together with us about funny incidents and flexible solutions.

How do you include an alpine flight in a congress? What does a congress center have in common with a mountain peak? What does the “you” mean in Tirol? Who literally has flowers growing out of their head? What connects sheep with glittering clouds? Who or what did James Bond look for and find in Tyrol? What does a pocket knife have to do with collaboration? And which key opens not only doors but also hearts?

You will find out all this and much more when you throw our story cube.

Love letters from Tirol!

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