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As a visitor of various events, you probably know this yourself: one event resembles the other. Two evening events, and although they take place in different locations, you don’t remember anything special about them later.

In Tyrol, your clients* can enjoy a luxurious evening at an altitude of over 3,000 m in a gourmet restaurant and enjoy the James Bond history on the first evening, celebrate a traditional and fun Tirol evening in an original yet modern event hut on the next evening, and dance to DJ sounds in an upbeat spa on the third evening. In 2019 we were allowed to support such an event and were once again thrilled ourselves by this variety.

Alm Unplugged

Tradition and modernity united in a very special project of Gabi Brunner, teacher, alpine farmer and organic yak breeder, Manuel Haaser, organic farmer and breeder of Scottish Highland cattle, Werner Hofer, organic farmer and breeder of Wagu cattle and the Austrian world champion chef Philipp Stohner is called Alm Unplugged.

The location of the somewhat different dinner event was the kitchen of the Neuhögenalm in the Tirolean Kelchsau. The chefs prepared a 10 courses menu conjured from four organic noble breeds of cattle and that under medieval conditions for the 50 guests. Without hot water or electricity, the high-class gourmet dishes were prepared over an open fire in the middle of the guest room – front cooking by definition.
Among other things, a Craft Beef Beer was brewed from the Tiroler Grauvieh (cattle), an intense essence with hop foam.
Regionality, organic, sustainability and back to the source were the focus of the evening. The farmers and breeders were able to give detailed information about the curses, the races of the animals and how the dishes were prepared.

Tradition on the alp combined with modern dishes and methods of approach, present the diversity of the Tirol cuisine and demonstrate the endless possibilities for incentives, events and corporate events.

A sequel of Alm Unplugged project is already planned for the summer of 2022.

Interalpen Alm
Bergisel, Innsbruck © Tirol Werbung-Kathrein Verena

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