Micro Adventures

Micro Adventures

Small adventures, big moments in the Conventionland Tirol

Often in life we are so driven and overwhelmed by big events, goals and flooded by the many stimuli in our environment that we forget about the small joys and micro-adventures. If we train ourselves in mindfulness and gratitude, and allow ourselves a short break here and there, these small adventures can become very big and important moments. Also at conferences, incentives and congresses it is essential to provide for such special experiences. We have collected a few ideas and possibilities how you can do that in Tirol:

Take a walk on the wilde side

During the lunch break, a breakout session or for a short meeting, the time can be ideally used for two purposes. “A step outside”, recharge your batteries and let the influences of nature, the fresh air and the oxygen kick inspire you to new ideas.
The “Mühlbach Path – Path of Contemplation” in Alpbach is a few minutes’ by foot from the Congress Centrum Alpbach and is perfect for a little adventure. The path leads you to a herb garden and past some sculptures until, after 300 m, a small pond with a waterfall, mill wheel and Kneipp facilities comes into view. After a short climb past the energy stone, stone mandln and another sculpture, the path continues slightly downhill again to the relaxation and energy area.
Does all this sound like a fairy tale? It is, and above all it is ideal for taking a breath. Finally, the starting point is reached again via a 17 m long wooden bridge after about 45 minutes in nature.

At the barefoot path at Hotel Das Sieben in Kufstein you can not only strengthen your foot muscles during the break, but also your perception, feel the different undergrounds and concerted for a short time on the two limbs that lead us through daily life. The feet serve as ambassadors and pathfinders of our senses.

A breath of health

In the stress of everyday life, the small moments with a big effect are often lost. So it is all the nicer to simply switch off and enjoy these little breaks. In the alpine air ionization room (hay room) at Hotel das Sieben wrapped in warmth and the pleasant scent of hay, relaxation comes as if by itself.

The spa team of the Natur & Spa Hotel Lärchenhof in Seefeld invites the meeting participants, during a short break, to create their own face mask of peeling from natural Tirolean products. Afterwards, a relaxing session in the garden can be added.

in a short meeting break to create your own face mask or peeling from Tyrolean natural products with subsequent Relex unit in the garden

A sip of energy

The fresh alpine mountain water with its refreshing coldness is not only suitable to Kneipp, to get the circulation going, but with its incredible quality it is a energy donor and healthy and a fresh pick-me-up. After a 10-year journey through the Bettelwurf mountains in the Karwendel mountains, the water, rich in minerals, reaches the drinking water tunnel in Halltal.

Haller water is characterized by particularly high quality and good taste. Due to its excellent properties, it has already been awarded the quality seal “The Blue Drop” three times.

Cult, shine Crystal clouds

Drifting off into a completely different world for a moment – that’s quite easy in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.
The new Chamber of Wonders “The Art of Performance” celebrates the impressive displays of cult outfits from film and stage.
Or, during a short break, simply lie down under the crystal clouds and let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful reflections. Picnics or lunches under these clouds also have a magical effect and are guaranteed to be remembered as great moments.


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