Workation heart of the alps © Jens Schwarz

Workation in the heart of the Alps

Working in the sanguine setting of Tirol

Anglicisms have long since worked their way into the German language. Terms such as bleisure, workation, digital nomads, coworking space and co. are now entrenched in the common business vernacular. What exactly do they mean, is it just a fleeting trend, or are they here to stay?

The definitions:

Bleisure refers to the connection between business and leisure, i.e. work and leisure. The word workation, which is a combination of work and vacation, means exactly that.
Coworking is derived from the terms community and working. In other words, it means that different people come together in an open, new environment to form a new group, which can give rise to unusual ideas.

You can find out more about Bleisure HERE

Workation mode on

Close your laptop, pop it in your bag, pack your suitcase and head off to an unknown destination. Increasing numbers of people, especially the younger generation, are taking advantage of the opportunity to work from where they like it best and where they feel most comfortable.
We knew, even before the pandemic, how flexible the world of work has become and needs to remain nowadays. Above all, we have realised how much more efficient and creative we are in a healthy and natural environment.

A temporary office has many advantages. It provides a change of perspective and gives new room for creativity and fresh ideas.
Moreover, the opportunity to tag a few private days on to a business trip ensures an even greater work-life balance.

Draw inspiration from Tirol’s magical landscapes and swap your office for a mountain hut to savour the combination of work and relaxation. Who knows what business ideas will emerge in the Tirolean mountain air?


In the city, yet in the midst of the Tirolean mountains. Temporary office opportunities you could fall in love with!

Werkstätte Wattens

An incredible 6,500 sqm of space is available at Werkstätte Wattens for your individual use in the form of workshops and production areas, team offices, a co-working space and FabLab.

Inncubator Innsbruck

The start-up and innovation centre of the University of Innsbruck and Tirolean Chamber of Commerce offers temporary workplaces as well as coaching and events on diverse topics.

Backstage Kufstein

No matter whether you intend to host a meeting with your team, are looking for a workstation or are on a business trip – Backstage Kufstein fulfils virtually all preferences, including coworking and co-cooking space.


Back to the roots – back to the barn

Kesslerstadl (barn) in Matrei in Osttirol

Working is even easier with a view of the surrounding 3,000-metre peaks in Osttirol. Peace, nature, magnificent mountains as well as a modern-rustic location are convincing factors for all those wanting to temporarily relocate their workplace and combine work and holiday at Kesslerstadl.

Workation on a farm

Ablerhof in Kalstein| Innervillgarten could not be more authentic. Its 90 square metres of workation space are ideal for a team retreat for up to 16 people, coupled with a high relaxation effect.

Mountain Breakout

The alpine-urban lifestyle of the Tiroleans in conjunction with business and the mountain world. Mountain Breakout advises individuals, groups and companies on how to implement coworking in the mountains.

Workation Kesslerstadl Osttirol

Afterwork Locations

After a successful meeting or completed tasks, you’ll enjoy time to unwind. The list of recommended locations and (team) activities in Tirol is virtually endless.

The top 5 after-work activities

  • Take advantage of the hotel’s wellness facilities to indulge in the essential pleasures of rest and relaxation.
  • Forest bathing
  • Go for a mountain bike ride or ski tour to the huts that are open in the evening. Tip: Around Innsbruck, huts and ski areas have extended opening hours in both summer and winter, so you can enjoy nature for even longer.
  • Take advantage of the destination’s cultural programme, e.g. open-air cinemas in summer, promenade and village concerts, visits to various markets and museums.
  • Enjoy traditional Tirolean cuisine in the restaurants and inns.

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