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Virtual fam trips - an additional event format

Convention Bureau Tirol together with two active partners organized a virtual fam trip to present what Tirol has to offer as a MICE destination.

Since big MICE events such as trade shows, congresses or corporate meetings are cancelled or postponed, it is very difficult for event planners to get face-to-face talks with potential customers. Right now it is essential to face the reality and the unpleasing circumstances that come with it, but still believe in possibilities and create additional forms of exchange.

Instead of busting their heads into the sand, Tobias Wanner from the eventfactory GmbH, Nicole Ireland from the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol and the team of Convention Bureau Tirol put their heads togehter in order to plan and organize a virtual fam trip for interested event planners and Tirol lovers. The format delivered very similar contents as personal fam trips, such as the advantages of Tirol as a MICE destination, the endless meeting and incentive possibilities and of course the extraordinary quality as hosts. But the most important goal of the event was to show how Tirol provides the ideal meeting locations especially during COVID-19 times. On the one hand it lies in the nature of things to organize meetings in the green and outdoors, and on the other hand, the CBT partners fulfill highest technical, but also hygienic standards to host hybrid and safe events with the necessary social distance.

Positive feedback

The feedback of all participants of the virtual fam trip was overall positive. Alexandra Carls, event manager at IFM Electronics GmbH, mentioned, „it was a great event. It was very well presented that events are still possible Tirol – always in alignment with all the COVID-19 measures. Definitely provoked my curiousity and anticipation.“ This proves another time that virtual events can be a great add-on to other on-going or existing marketing activities or personal sales events.

Altough virtual events or meetings will never fully replace the magic and atmosphere of personal get-togethers, the digital and hybrid formats can be creatively used to extent the event portfolio and keep in touch with relevant stakeholders. At least the CBT team is looking forward to experiencing many more interesting and inspiring events with their partners no matter if these are virtual, personal or hybrid.

Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, Virtual Fam Trip, Telfs ©CBT
Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, Virtual Fam Trip, Telfs ©CBT
Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, Virtual Fam Trip, Telfs ©CBT
Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, Virtual Fam Trip, Telfs ©CBT

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