Tirol Connect - Hybrid Event

The alpine power place

What influence does nature have on health and well-being? Answers to these questions and other recipes for happiness for an even healthier Tirol as a congress and conference destination were provided at the hybrid event “Tirol Connect” on October 28 at congresspark.igls. The Green Event was organized by the Convention Bureau Tirol (CBT) and its partner network.

In the morning, the Convention Bureau Tirol and its partner companies from the meeting sector and companions held a co-creative workshop on how to bring Tirol’s strongest partner, nature, into the meeting rooms and use it effectively. The results of the workshop are currently being used to develop a checklist for a healthy meeting culture with added value.

But here are already the 3 most important points that every meeting of the future should fulfill:

In the afternoon, well-known personalities inspired customers from with their impulses in hybrid form, both live and virtually. Among them was the world-renowned graphic designer and happiness researcher Stefan Sagmeister. The Austrian-born designer was live from New York and talked about how spaces, including those in nature, influence well-being. The program was supplemented by active exercises with Olympic champion and book author Toni Innauer, a lecture by clinical psychologist Dr. Melanie Hausler, and a blind tasting with the specially created “energy balls” by top chef and world champion trainer Philipp Stohner.

Many insights were drawn from this eventful afternoon – here are the 5 most important takeaways:

  1. healthy encounters make people happy
  2. nature is the intersection of happiness of well-being and happiness of values
  3. movement makes us agile – physically as well as in spirit
  4. nature connects because it makes us more empathetic
  5. beautiful (natural) space increases well-being and productivity

For the Convention Bureau Tirol team was it the first hybrid event of this magnitude in the organizer role. The smooth running of the all-day event is due to a competent and professional project team. Looking back, in a critical self-reflection, the team has again worked out 6 important tips for hybrid events:

  1. Hybrid gives planning & implementation certainty: although no concrete COVID measures were yet in place at the time of the event, we were certain that we would be able to hold the event in any case.
  2. Detailed director´s plan is essential: this should be created for both online and offline audiences and should be fixed at least 2 weeks before the event day. It is also essential to have a director or producer on site with the technical team.
  3. Professional moderation is captivating: this is absolutely necessary to interact with the audience and to charmingly balance minor faux pas.
  4. Do not cut down on promotion in invitation management: To cover the extra cost of hybrid production, be sure to strengthen invitation management with promotion. Thus, a higher reach is achieved and the costs are amortized.
  5. Too many cooks spoil the broth: Keep interfaces and the number of (technical) partners to a minimum. A clear designation of small project teams and project leaders is indispensable.
  6. Editorial support for the event pays off: Be sure to provide cinematic and photographic coverage of the event. This is of utmost importance for the post-event promotion.
  7. Tell me how a project starts and I’ll tell you how it ends: A clean project management consisting of the classic tools like kick off, milestone , feedback meetings as well as project manual and plans, has a high value in event management. Pursuing a common goal, knowing that the entire project team is always at the same status quo, celebrating successes and learning from mistakes – these are all essential points for a successful project.

If you want to know more about our hybrid event, or you are interested in planing your own event in Tirol, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Convention Bureau Tirol © Nicolas Hafele
    congresspark.igls © Florian Taibon
    congresspark.igls Tirol Connect © Florian Taibon
    3G Check Tirol Connect © Florian Taibon
    Key Industries © Florian Taibon
    Aktiv bei Tirol Connect © Florian Taibon
    Stefan Sagmeister bei Tirol Connect © Florian Taibon
    Philipp Stohner © Florian Taibon
    Manuela Kamper © Florian Taibon
    Technik Tirol Connect © Florian Taibon
    A natural congress day in Tirol
    Tirol Connect © Florian Taibon

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