Naturally Tirolean Experiences

Naturally Tirolean Experiences

All you need to know about “Klumpern” bobs, “Figeln” skiing, yodelling and much more.

The dialects spoken in Tirol are just as diverse and peculiar as some of its traditions. These have been shaped, in part, by the imposing mountain scenery that constantly surrounds the people of Tirol, while others are an expression of deeply rooted values. The fascinating blend of tradition and modernity is the very essence of naturally Tirolean experiences.

Ho-da-reh-dio and “thight slapping” dance

What used to be a means of communication from mountain to mountain quickly became a defining feature of Tirolean musical culture: Whether it’s a mighty “Juchitzer” * on a mountain peak, or a harmonious 3-part harmony in the well-known devotional yodel, this form of singing is very powerful and special indeed. You can experience this elemental power for yourself and feel a special energy together with others at individual yodelling workshops. Previous knowledge or vocal talent is not necessary, because imperfection is what defines yodelling. It would be singing otherwise.

If you prefer to make music with your body rather than your voice, you could also try your hand at “Schuhplatteln” traditional dance. Short sessions are often sufficient for “Schupplatteln” courses. They are, however, ideal for immersing oneself in Tirolean folk music culture and providing light relief amongst participants at your corporate event. A great fun factor is guaranteed, as well as potentially sore thighs!

*a very special whoop of joy

Naturally Tirolean Experiences

A way from conventional winter sports

“Klumpern” bobs or “Figeln” skiing are also quintessentially Tirolean – and describe two special ways of getting down the mountain in winter.

“Klumpern” are single-runner bobs, which can be used for entertaining races down to the valley, while the walk back uphill boosts team spirit and moods. This can be tested in groups on gentle hills without any special prior knowledge and ramped up as desired, according to personal skill.

“Figl” skis are mainly used in late winter or spring on so-called firn snow. Using these special skis, fun-loving sportsmen and women “figl” elegantly towards the valley in either soft, melting snow fields or deep furrows, as for example in April/May on the Nordkette Mountains near Innsbruck. It is a very special highlight not only for locals, but a very welcome change for all skiers when the snow quickly softens on the slopes in spring.

Yoga in Tirolean

There are of course many unusual locations for yoga sessions or retreats in the mountain for yogis and those seeking relaxation.
But if you want to get to know a very special kind of yoga, you could try the 12 Tiroleans – the Tirolean interpretation of the Tibetan exercises, so to speak. Toni Innauer – Olympic champion, book author and entrepreneur – has created 12 positions based on the Tyrolean animal world. The shared experience of movement is a Tirolean form of empowerment. Surprise your clients or employees with a special kind of event.

Mountain hut evenings with a special flair

The mountain hut experience is a quintessential element of Tirolean entertainment. There are many ways to experience this: either a digital detox adventure in a remote self-catering hut, or maybe just a pleasant evening spent in a rustic mountain hut or alpine lodge. These evenings are, of course, characterised by traditional Tirolean home cooking and can even be rounded off with folk music accompaniment. We also have suitable lodges and huts for larger events.

You are welcome to contact us any time, and we will find out together which original Tirolean experience is suitable for your event

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