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Congress Venue Tirol: We go the extra mile

5,300 attendees, hundreds of national and international speakers and a Tirolean mountain village.

Sandwiched between traditional and modernity: the “Land in the Mountains” is the perfect venue for congresses. In addition to unparalleled natural landscapes, a unique setting for events is offered by bold architecture, modern technology, optimal accessibility and genuine hospitality.

5,300 attendees, hundreds of national and international speakers and a Tirolean mountain village. “European Forum Alpbach” has provided a platform for science, politics, economy and culture for over 70 years and addresses the key issues of our time.

We asked around in Alpbach about what it is that makes Tirol so unique as a congress location.

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Tirol is diverse in what it offers, which is both an advantage and a challenge for the organiser. We planners work on creating innovative and individual solutions.

Philippe Narval, Managing Director of European Forum Alpbach

“Everything is very compact in Tirol – a congress in a mountain village is something different, a refreshing change. People are more receptive here, to the village and its ambience, which in turn opens up new horizons. Beautiful, random, inspiring encounters and dialogue takes place on equal terms here in Alpbach,” says Narval. “Our scholarship holders often return years later as managers. People from all corporate levels network successfully here in Alpbach and learn from one another.”

London, Barcelona, Vienna – we asked Ruth Heinisch (event planner) what distinguishes Tirol as a powerful conference power venue.

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The nature and mighty mountains outside the front door show you how big and wide the world is out there, rendering surmised problems to be small and resolvable. We are on first name terms here, which facilitates successful dialogue, sometimes even informal. Many bilateral talks on the green meadow have laid the foundation for far-reaching, international incentives and solutions.

Ruth Heinisch, event planner

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Everything from a single source – Georg Hechenblaikner, Managing Director of Congress Centrum Alpbach, talks about this credo and the comprehensive services offered by his company, which are well received by customers.


“Our clients appreciate the fact that they get everything from a single source. From coordination and support with regards to travel, room bookings and organisation on site, to advice on the organisation of supporting programmes. A dedicated partner, from the initial booking, right through to the final invoice – which means a contact person for internal and external issues, someone who makes a lasting impression”, says Georg Hechenblaikner.

According to him, the recipe for success lies in the passion organisers in Tirol put into ensuring the success of each individual event. “We go the extra mile” is the motto. “The atmosphere is informal, relaxed and flexible, as well as highly professional and reliable,” says the CEO of Congress Center Alpbach.

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In this over-informed, stimuli-satiated, fast-moving, superficial and exchangeable world, there is an increasing demand for personal experiences, for open meetings, for individual possibilities and for venues close to nature.

Georg Hechenblaikner, Managing Director of Congress Centrum Alpbach

Comprehensive care and warm Tirolean hospitality are also very important for the surrounding accommodation establishments, which exude traditional charm whilst offering upscale comforts.


“Our guests love the peace and quiet and welcoming atmosphere. At breakfast, they enjoy one of the many jams and marmalades made by my mother-in-law, Julie, who even in her old age, still picks blueberries herself and makes many other homemade delicacies in our house” says Christine Margreiter, proprietor at Leirerhäusl Alpbach. It is a matter of course for her to always give her best, to ensure that her guests feel welcome and at home.

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If a guest wants to have his peace, he will find it with us, and if he is looking for a chat, I am here. I have enjoyed so many beautiful encounters and conversations with guests, who have shown me how great the potential for mutual enrichment can be through internationality!

Christine Margreiter, proprietor at Leirerhäusl Alpbach

Meetings at the most spiritually energising place in the alpine world

Tirol is the best place in the world for those who want to inspire their team to take part in joint activities, those who want to make their meeting an unforgettable experience, those who want to hold congress of a different kind in the midst of nature, or those who want to organise a seminar with open-minded people. At home in the world, at ease in Tirol.

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