Stefan Sagmeister Workshop

Beauty is sustainable

Nature influences our well-being and contributes significantly to a healthy meeting culture

In its strategic development process towards an even more sustainable meeting destination, the Convention Bureau Tirol (CBT) once again received many suggestions, impulses, ideas and experiences from experts from a wide range of industries and benefited greatly from external perspectives.

CBT has firmly resolved not to preach new event formats and trends, but to actually live them and lead by example. To fulfill these intentions, a co-creative and collective workshop was implemented in September 2021, together with the Europahaus Mayrhofen | Congress Zillertal, in the middle of the forest in Mayrhofen.

Stefan Sagmeister Workshop © Jakb Strassl
  • How can the power of nature positively influence meetings & events?
  • How do spaces affect our actions?
  • How can you make meetings more sustainable & healthier and be a role model for others?
  • How does architecture and nature influence the good in people?

These and other questions were highlighted and discussed in interactive processes.
Following the principle of evidence-based learning, the entire event was designed according to the keytrends #freethemeeting. These were not only experienced on site, but also discussed on a meta-level in order to develop further guidelines for meetings of the future.
The participants were not only present, but also actively involved in the process.

Stefan Sagmeister Workshop © Jakb Strassl

The glasses with which we look at the world determine how we shape our lives

Stefan Sagmeister | Graphic designer, happiness researcher, beauty connoisseur and 2-time Grammy Award winner

Healthy breaks in the middle of nature with regional delicacies tangibly rounded off the sustainable offer and provided ongoing energy kicks.

Once again, the importance of networks, collaboration and a functioning community was evident, not only in the walking sessions.
The integration of nature, walking and meditating together, living giving culture and co-creative meeting elements fostered a strong connection among the participants and brought a high level of commitment to the topics.

The key learnings of the workshop were:

  • Strong atmosphere, aesthetics & energy factor are crucial
  • Emotions want to be experienced – authenticity counts
  • Time (management) should be invisible
  • Interaction is key to success, before, during and after the event
  • High-quality content & best service quality
  • Be able to learn new skills
  • Allow enough time for networking
  • Agree on and pursue common goals
  • Tirol should be made tangible as an experience space

“You are lucky to be surrounded by such nature,” Sagmeister notes. To use this now profitably is the future vision of the conference country Tyrol.

Stefan Sagmeister Workshop
Stefan Sagmeister Workshop
Stefan Sagmeister Workshop © Jakb Strassl
Stefan Sagmeister Workshop
Stefan Sagmeister Workshop © Jakb Strassl
Today, we think about tomorrow.
We feel strongly about Tyrolian nature and saving its resources.
Our matter of concern - your additional value:
Since September 2021 Convention Bureau Tirol is licence holder of Österreichisches Umweltzeichen.