Sisterhood - two strong women at the heart of Karwendel

The tighter the valley, the closer people are to each other

DIE ENG – Alpine Guesthouse and Nature Hotel – can be found in the Karwendel Nature Park at the Großer Ahornboden, nestled in the midst of over 2,000 maple trees. Numerous new rooms on the third floor are the result of extensive renovation work during winter 2021. The hotel is characterised by many natural raw materials, such as wood from the region, making nature tangible indoors whilst exuding a calming effect. The natural spectacle that changes the colour of the leaves of the over 100-year-old trees, especially in autumn, is unique.

Sisters Melanie Schwarzenberger and Carina Pfurtscheller-Kofler are now the fourth generation to manage the hotel, after inheriting it from their parents. A family business, where naturalness, an affinity with nature and warm hospitality take highest priority.

sisterhood - two strong women

The two sisters embarked on their tourism career at school and gained experience abroad after graduating. Even before taking over the hotel, the ladies managed two gastronomy businesses in Tirol. As dedicated, passionate hosts, they have returned to the fold of the family business to welcome guests with warmth and enthusiasm.

Meeting in the Eng

For smaller meetings, seminars and workshops, there are separable rooms equipped with modern technology and views of the natural heritage site in the heart of the Karwendel mountains, Ahornboden.
Meetings are always followed by team activities. The Alpine Guesthouse is a quality-certified cycling accommodation, while the Nature Park and alpine village of Eng are just waiting outside the front door at the Silberregion Karwendel. Countless cycle paths and hiking trails help you to relax from the daily business routine.

Delicious delights in the Eng

Tirol is not only known for its warm hospitality, charm and tradition, but also for its pleasures of the palate. For this reason, Melanie and Carina have made it their business to pamper their customers with Austrian culinary delights. They also place a special emphasis on sourcing regional products, supporting local farmers and using seasonal ingredients.

Today, we think about tomorrow.
We feel strongly about Tyrolian nature and saving its resources.
Our matter of concern - your additional value:
Since September 2021 Convention Bureau Tirol is licence holder of Österreichisches Umweltzeichen.