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Protective Shield for Organisers

Planning securits for the austrian MICE-Industry

The protective shield for organisers enables the planning and implementation of all kinds of events (e.g. business events, congress, trade fairs, sports and cultural events, etc.) during the COVID-19 crisis. These grants cover financial disadvantages incurred when an event is cancelled or restricted for reasons objectively related to COVID-19.
The amount paid out is calculated from the difference between non-cancellable costs, income generated, insurance benefits and other subsidies. Non-cancellable costs include expenses for services provided by third parties in the value chain (e.g. suppliers, technicians, catering, artists, etc.) as well as personnel costs directly involved in the implementation and organisation of the event.
This allows the opportunity to plan events in Tirol and Austria despite the uncertain times.

The total volume of the protective shield for organisers amounts to 300 million euros. Currently, 90% of the maximum sum of 2 million euros can be reimbursed. An increase to 3 million euros is still being negotiated.
In a further step, the protective shield will be implemented as a liability model with a maximum liability assumption of EUR 10 million per organizer. Applications to the ÖHT are expected to be possible from the summer.

Since the 19th of January 2021, applications can be submitted via the  customer portal of the Austrian Hotel and Tourism Bank (ÖHT). Applications, supplementary forms and guidelines can be found HERE.
Applications can be submitted until December 2021 at the latest and include events planned by the end of 2022.
The first eligible event date is 1st February 2021.

Internationally effective protective shield

Organisers based abroad who are planning an event in Austria can also apply for the protective shield. The shield applies if the event cannot be held in connection with COIVD-19 and more than 30 percent of the participants are unable to attend the event.

You can find the key facts regarding the protective shield HERE.

Details of the guidelines can be found on the Austrian Hotel and Tourism Bank Website. If you have any additional questions about the protective shield please send an email to schutzschirm@oeht.at.

Details and a Q&A you can find on the Website of the Federal Ministry of Culture, Arts, Public Services and Sport and under sichere-gastfreundschaft.at. The videoconference regarding this topic can be found there as well.