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Naturally Profound Experiences

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It’s always nice to get active, either in company or alone, to do nice things and have a good time. Possibilities abound in Tirol, with its incredible nature and cultural scene. But when these activities are laced with a sense of profoundness, the impact is even greater – on both a social and personal level.
Here you will find some inspiration on how to give your team event or incentive a profound sense of purpose and leave a large social impact, yet a small ecological footprint.

Leave a building behind

Depending on the company’s philosophy or objectives, the planning and construction of diverse buildings can create a special bond amongst those participating on the one hand, but also provide valuable benefits for years afterwards on the other. For example, a sporting goods manufacturer built a race start-house on a ski slope in the summer with its sales team and then came back in the winter to hold an internal ski race there. Incidentally, local ski clubs have also benefitted from this endeavour and now use it for their own purposes.

Another group built a bridge along a hiking trail. Several participants returned to the site afterwards to proudly present their work to their families. Park benches, bus stops or other useful structures also inspire team spirit and benefit the region for many years afterwards.

Moving mountains & paving the way

There are many other opportunities to gain special team experiences on the mountain. For example, after climbing together to a summit cross, group members can then help with its restoration or re-anchoring. There could hardly be a better way of commemorating a shared summit victory. Or why not take a little more time over the hike and collect rubbish along the way, or do some maintenance on the paths? By doing so, a corporate team literally prepares paths for the future. Combined with an internal theme, this gives rise to many interesting conversations and insights, while cultivating the landscape as a pleasant side effect.

Naturally Profound Experiences

Sowing the future and reaping happiness

Nature is our most valuable asset. There are no limits to creativity when contributing to biodiversity in Tirol. Whether reforesting woodland sections or sowing flower meadows, it is not only a pleasant collective experience in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful nature, but also ensures an intact environment. These activities can be combined with culinary experiences such as herb or beekeeping workshops, or rounded off with mindfulness exercises and forest bathing.

It is also possible to plant flower beds or accompany farmers for their harvest. One example of a strategy workshop involved attendees sowing potatoes in spring, before returning in autumn to harvest the crop in a very befitting strategic conclusion. This was then turned into a delicious Tirolean Gröstl (sautéed potatoes with onion and egg), cooked over an open fire.

Helping makes you happy

A fact that everyone knows and has been confirmed by several studies. So why not combine team events with a social initiative? How about a mindful walk through the forest with dogs from an animal shelter, or perhaps a sporting experience such as a mini-Olympics with athletes from the Special Sports Tirol association?
All kinds of creative workshops can be organised in conjunction with various non-profit workshop projects in Tirol. This not only fosters team spirit, but also promotes sensitivity to diversity and thus many social skills.

We have put together a few more non-profit associations in Tirol here.
Or simply contact us directly and together we will find out which meaningful experience would best suit your event.

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