Info portal and service points

Info portal and service points

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What are the current entry regulations? Is there a mask policy? Which verification requirements apply? All answers to questions about COVID-19 and a safe stay in Tirol are answered on the info portal of Tirol.


Here all guests can find information about traveling to Tirol.

Safe hospitality

The basics for safe tourism can be read by Tirolean hosts on this page.
General rules of conduct – safe hospitality in Tirol

Entry regulations for Austria

The COVID-19 entry regulation addresses the entry into Austria. Currently, there are no restrictions unless entry is from a state or area with a very high epidemiological risk. Find here the Corona regulations for entering Austria.


Corona traffic light

The Corona traffic light is used to enable a standard, coordinated and transparent assessment system. It makes the risk of a certain region visible through four different colors and informs about possible measures that can be taken.

  • Red: very high risk, uncontrolled outbreaks
  • Orange: high risk, cluster of cases
  • Yellow: medium risk, moderate cases
  • Green: low risk, single cases

An overview of the current situation in Austria can be found HERE. The detailed explanation of the Corona traffic light can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs, and Health.


Other important service points

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Since September 2021 Convention Bureau Tirol is licence holder of Österreichisches Umweltzeichen.