Incentive tips for the Silberregion Karwendel

Compensation for successful brainstorming sessions

Endless possibilities open up in the Silberregion Karwendel to counterbalance successful brainstorming sessions.

In the depths of the mountains

The “Mother of all Mines” promises an exciting journey through the history of Europe. The largest silver mine of the Middle Ages reveals traces of the miners of 500 years ago.
After journeying 800 metres deep into the mine with the pit railway, you can look forward to an extraordinary underground experience. You will follow in the miners’ footsteps and experience at first hand the difficult conditions under which silver and copper were mined.

You are immersed in an era when the earth was still considered to be flat and 85% of the world’s silver came from this mine.
You will certainly remain refreshed in the silver mine – protected from rain and heat, because the temperature inside the mine is a constant 12 degrees Celsius.

Incentive Tipps Silberregion Karwendel
Incentive Tipps Silberregion Karwendel

At the rushing water’s edge

Wolfskamm Gorge is a natural monument and described as the most beautiful gorge in the Alps. This adventurous hike leads over steps, ridges and rocky canyons alongside impressive waterfalls. The power of the water and its energising effects can be experienced at first-hand. At the end of the short hike, the stream bed invites you to take a dip in the refreshingly cool mountain water. Dive in, breathe deeply and head back refreshed. Perfect for a relaxing break.

Culture Inspires

Cultural balance is provided by a guided tour through the historic old town of Schwaz and up to the roof of Maria Himmelfahrt parish church. Local guides accompany you through the nooks and crannies of the Silver Town, lead you to hidden places and take you on a historical journey. On various special guided tours, such as “The Fuggers and the Silver City of Schwaz”, you will learn about the history of the influential trading entrepreneurs of the 16th century or the “Knappensteig” tour, where 10 stops are devoted to the theme of copper and silver.

Under the stars

Participants will immerse themselves in the solar system on this evocative night hike. Illuminated by a small battery-powered LED spotlight in characteristic colours (Earth: blue, Venus: white, Mars: red, Jupiter: golden yellow, etc.), guests learn interesting and entertaining facts about the planets and the solar system at various stations on this educational trail.
The planetary walk culminates in a close-up observation of the visible planets through a mobile, professional telescope: Jupiter with its storm bands and large red spot, Saturn with its legendary rings and red Mars with its polar caps are uniquely visible.

Delightful and instructive

Pleasure tours are also available in summer, such as hikes with herbalist, Gerda. During the meadow hike, Gerda shares her knowledge about the numerous herbs and their uses. A place infused with spiritual power and perfect to relax after a demanding conference day.


Incentive Tipps Silberregion Karwendel
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