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Team building ideas with social distancing, regionality and sustainability in Tirol.

Things are looking up! Planning for the first seminars, conferences, team-buildings and incentives has recommenced in the MICE sector.

Everyone has had to learn how to be flexible in the working world rather quickly of late, by working from home and holding online meetings. Productive hours spent in the home office were enjoyed on the one hand, while personal encounters at shared team lunches or meetings were missed on the other.
Convention Bureau Tirol and its partners have come up with the top 7 programme tips that include social distancing and sustainability – in the truest sense of the words – for your conference after this involuntary break.

We are happy to offer free support along the journey to your summit!

Pleasuresome e-bike tour with eventfactory

Each participant will receive his/her own bike, ensuring minimum social distancing is maintained during the programme, whilst enabling the group to enjoy the route and mountain scenery together.
Participants can look forward to visiting diverse and interesting stations along the tour. They will meet a beekeeper, for example, who will introduce them to life with bee colonies and a break will be made at a farm to taste local delicacies. Guests can look forward to ending the e-bike tour at an alpine hut, where culinary highlights await. After a successful day, attendees relax on inviting loungers with fragrant herbal wraps.
Tailor-made tours are put together, where participants enjoy an unparalleled experience, whilst discovering interesting background information about life in the mountains.

Sustainable incentives from element 3

Regionality, seasonality and sustainability take priority at element3. With this in mind, new environmental and health-conscious programmes have been created.

  • Be(e) good – construction of a wild bee hotel  – for the love of nature
  • Design your own board game – let your creative streak run wild
  • Hill hike with lama trekking  – an icredibly cool experience at Beautiful Lake Schwarzsee
  • “It´s tree time” –  who has the greenest finger? Design and plant herbal beds and find out interesting Information about herbalism
  • Sustainable shopping tour through Kitzbuehel – information, tips and tricks for the Right shopping, regionalism, beauty foods, plastic is out and much more.
Lamatrekking © element3

“Esperience through nature.” with eventation

It is the love of nature that drives the team of our partner agency eventation to constantly develop and test new programme highlights. New team building ideas about sustainability and regionality have been created.

  • Create a vegetable garden: from preperation and planning to planting the seedlings – work that is grounding, whilst creating a common bond.
  • Building raised beds: from proper planning to the harvest. An experience that not only makes vegetables grow, but also team spirit
  • Build a chicken or egg? In any case, the first thing you need is a chicken coop. Participants will also learn interesting and curious things about roosters and chickens. Did you know that their social behaviour hardly differs from that of men and women?
  • Build a tree house: teamwork at its best!

Alpin Convention demonstrates collective strength

At Alpin Convention, the focus is on “occupational health”. Because the agency combines health management at the workplace with extraordinary events. Accompanied by professional coaches you will hike through the most beautiful corners of Tirol, on a journey that strengthens team spirit and mutual communication. You will experience how Life Kinetics leads to better coordination, how effective mindfulness exercises boost awareness, how a resilience test promotes stress reduction and a healthy diet increases your performance by 30%.

Promoting the health of your employees not only benefits each and every one of them, it promotes and enhances your company’s most valuable asset, your staff!
Alpin Convention

Gemeinsam Stärke zeigen © Alpin Convention

Herbal hikes in Kufsteinerland

Is the stuff that grows here poisonous? What does it taste like? What is it good for? This is all about identifying plants, even when they are not in flower or bearing fruit! You can practice this together with our knowledgeable guides, who will introduce you to well-known and less familiar plants for the kitchen, or as tried and trusted remedies for health problems.
Take a leisurely walk over lush green meadows and through beautiful forests. On the hike with our herbal expert, you will learn much about wild and medicinal herbs, inspect, process and taste one or the other wild herbs and reenergise in the natural landscapes of Kufsteinerland.
Groups can then process and enjoy the herbs they have collected in the show kitchen of a local hotel.

Discover new opportunities at AREA47

Scale the gorges together metre by metre, embrace the unknown and put all your trust in your climbing partner! Canyoning boosts courage and solidarity when it comes to jumping from metre-high rocks into crystal-clear pools, sliding along water courses and being abseiled down rock faces. The willingness to discover new opportunities leads to adventures that forge new bonds.

Canyoning © Area47

Reach for the stars at the Vent Summit Hut

What are the prerequisites for a successful stargazing session? At Venet, at over 2,200 m above sea level, you have unrestricted views of the sky. No expense was spared when it came to investing in star-gazing instruments at Tirol’s unique observatory. Telescopes, monoculars, digital cameras and everything else an astronomer’s heart desires have been installed. Not only that, Venet offers an unapparelled infrastructure for conferencing: Venet Summit Hut boasts of inviting rooms, a panoramic restaurant and ample space for events, seminars and conferences. On request, a trained star guide will accompany you to the observatory and provide valuable knowledge about the glittering sky above. You can merge seamlessly from an eventful day in nature to a star-filled finale in the observatory, before retiring to the welcoming Summit Hut for a restful night’s sleep. Sound unique? Well, that’s because it is.
Venet Summit Hut

Self-built bench: a sustainable team event with added value

Become a carpenter and work as a team to build a practical, weatherproof wooden bench for resting and Relaxing! With regionality and sustainability materials.
Weatherproof wood, environmentally friendly paints, reusable materials and added value for the Kitzbühel region.
After the completion of the bench the team name or the logo will be burned into the wood with burning pens. The personalized benches then remain in Kitzbühel and are brought to the final destination by our element3 guides, so that other guests in the region can relax on your self-built bench and enjoy the magnificent mountain panorama! “Nothing beats homemade!”

Inter-connected © element3
Inter-connected © element3
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