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Experimental culture is the better error culture

Failure as a recipe for success

Sometimes it is good and important to break out of the comfort zone, to reinvent ourselves, to be courageous and to break new ground.
We have to try things out and look for new solutions. These paths do not always lead directly to the goal. But to call them failures would be wrong. They are the results of experiments.
The only real failure is the one who doesn’t even try.
“Success is 99% failure”, Sōichirō Honda, a Japanese entrepreneur, already knew.

Humans are not perfect and therefore not without mistakes. Understanding these mistakes as attempts or feedback has a positive influence on the culture and motivation in companies. The team of the Convention Bureau Tirol also stands by “mistakes”. So that in the end a good result comes out, proves this outtake compilation from various film productions 2021:

Internationally, there are numerous examples of successful failure by courageous people.
For example, Michael Jordan, of all people, was initially denied participation on his high school’s varsity team. The coach’s reason was: “He’s too small!”. Michael Jordan, however, did not let this dissuade him from his dream and trained all the harder. Fortunately, he also grew a bit. And so, just a few years later, he was already playing in a completely different league.

So failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of it.
What we all need are courageous, curious people who accept failure as a way of life and a learning experience. For this, we need to provide spaces, opportunities and a good culture of experimentation. We must have the courage to try out uncomfortable solutions and share learning experiences together. This is the only way we can all compete.
The formula for success is an ongoing process: success – failure – learning – success – failure – learning.
We celebrate our missteps and dead ends, this lifelong learning allows us to go beyond boundaries and moves us forward!

MICErfolg © Herr Müller
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