Healthy Meeting Day in Tirol

A Healthy Meeting Day in Tirol

Healthcare, Tirolean style

07.00 hrs
Run, run, run! Could there be any better way to start a meeting-filled day? Waking up after a restful night’s sleep to the sound of birdsong instead of an alarm clock has a very special charm. A full conference day lies ahead. All the more reason to lace up those running shoes before breakfast and replenish energy levels in the early summer natural landscape behind the hotel.

07.45 hrs
Coffee please! After a refreshing shower, a comfortably casual business outfit is ready and waiting – the desired dress code for our conference. A healthy breakfast and wonderfully fragrant cup of coffee awaken spirits to start the day. Quick check of e-mails – laptop open. A company colleague takes a seat at the table opposite – laptop closed again, personal interaction and a little digital detox is infinitely preferable.

08.30 hrs
Let´s get started: The meeting takes place in a conference room flooded with natural daylight. In addition to the interesting contributions, the moderator always makes sure that participants get up and move around. The best thing about the meeting room: windows can be opened, allowing fresh air to flow through and rejuvenate attendees’ minds, while expansive views of the natural landscape reveal new perspectives. Coffee breaks are distinguished by regional products and networking opportunities between colleagues. An extra portion of vitamin D is also ensured in the morning – as conference breaks take place on the outdoor terrace.

Healthy Meeting Day in Tirol

12.30 hrs
Brain food: After an interesting morning meeting, everyone enjoys lunch together. Once again, the participants are pleasantly surprised. A picnic is held in the hotel garden, so everyone can mingle to discuss their experiences. Each group is selected at random and enjoys lunch on blankets under the trees and umbrellas, with regional and seasonal culinary highlights from a picnic basket. It’s amazing how little dialogue takes place in everyday business life, which makes this lunch such a welcome change.

14.00 hrs
Forest bathing. After lunch it becomes abundantly clear why fancy suits and high heels are not part of today’s dress code. We take a short detour through the forest together. Our moderator, who is accompanying us through the conference, is taking us on a mini holiday, where forest bathing is on the agenda. Breathe in. Breathe out. Tension and stress levels drop noticeably, and the cardiovascular system is stimulated.

14.30 hrs
Broad perspectives. The afternoon could not have gone any better. After our healthy and light lunch, the wonderful company of new and old acquaintances and our mini holiday in the forest, ideas flow at the meeting.

17.30 hrs
Dinner time: We meet at reception and head out to our dinner location. As everything is seemingly just around the corner in Tirol, we soon find ourselves at our chosen guesthouse. Tirolean dining culture with its regional and seasonal fare is given special emphasis in Tirol. The whole group enjoys an evening full of culinary highlights and warm hospitality.

22.30 hrs
Over and out! An interesting conference with a great supporting programme offering additional benefits and educational aspects comes to an end. Expectation mounts as to what will be learnt and experienced the next day.
What intrigues our team the most? It’s amazing how much energy can flow, what new ideas and extraordinary concepts emerge when meetings are held in a healthy environment.
Are you looking for inspiration for a supporting programme with educational value, additional benefits or perhaps something more relaxing? You are guaranteed to find inspiration HERE.


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